Title VII Class Action Consent Decree Repository

About the Consent Decree Repository

The Title VII Class Action Consent Decree Repository is a resource which addresses the information needs of judges, lawyers, and social scientists by making available the full text as well as specific clauses of consent decrees negotiated in race and sex discrimination class action law suits. The Repository utilizes a specially designed protocol to search the data base of consent decrees. The goal of this searchable repository is to provide attorneys and judges with the information necessary to make informed choices about which remedies to include in future consent decrees or court decisions. In addition, the Repository can be used by scholars to study and evaluate the effectiveness of remedies utilized to eradicate discrimination.

Title VII consent decrees are analyzed and categorized according to a protocol consisting of General Case Data, Counsel, Case Facts, Theory and Type of Discrimination, Procedural Category Clauses, Evidence Clauses, Remedy Clauses, Enforcement Clauses and Special Issues Clauses as explained below. This Repository is designed to create research possibilities in an area of law which encompasses some of the largest Title VII class action lawsuits against major companies in the United States.

The Repository was created and is maintained as a collaborative effort of several departments within the ILR School at Cornell University: the Labor and Employment Law Program, the Web team and the Catherwood Library.